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Vehicle Testing

We carry out over 900,000 roadworthiness checks a year on:
  • cars and motorcycles which are four years old and over;
  • light goods vehicles from three years old;
  • trailers, large passenger carrying vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (over 3,500kgs gross weight) from one year old;
  • buses and taxis from when they are first used.

View Test Stages
An indepth look at the four stages of a Vehicle Test.
Test Centre Locations
Find your nearest Vehicle Test Centre.
When to Test
How to know when a vehicle requires its first test.
How to Book
Ways to book a Vehicle Test.
Current fees for all types of Vehicle Test.
Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to the most commonly asked Vehicle Test questions.
Vehicle Identity Check (VIC)
An initiative to reduce car crime.
Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) / Motorcycle SVA (MSVA)
Pre-registration inspection for cars and light goods vehicles not type-approved to British or European standards.