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Practical Driving Test

Practical driving tests are carried out in three main groups:
  • practical 'L' tests - to ensure that drivers and riders have the competence to drive cars and ride motorcycles safely;
  • large goods vehicle (LGV) tests- to ensure competence to drive goods vehicles with a maximum weight (including any trailer) of more than 3.5 tonnes;
  • passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) tests- to ensure drivers have the skills they need to carry passengers in safety and comfort.

Driver Licencing
Licence requirements for drivers.

Test Categories
The four categories of Practical Driving Test described.

Test Centre Locations
How to know when a vehicle requires its first test.

How to Book
Ways to book a Vehicle Test.

Current fees for all types of Vehicle Test.

Special Needs
Information on Special Needs for the Practical Driving Test..

Vehicle Safety
Vehicle Safety for the Practical Driving Test.