Approved Motorcycle Instructors

We maintain an up to date Approved Motorcycle Instructors, (AMI) Register in Northern Ireland. To do this we:

  • process applications from people who want to become AMI's and deliver Compulsory Basic Training;
  • test potential Motorcycle Instructors and assess the suitability of applicants to be on the AMI register;
  • check tuition standards for AMI's and monitor CBT training;
  • take appropriate action when AMI's fail to meet the required standards.

Introduction of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

On the 21 February 2011 the Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) introduced Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in Northern Ireland for those wishing to ride a motorcycle as a learner rider. CBT was introduced to help reduce the high number of motorcycle related incidents on our roads each year. CBT will better prepare a rider to deal with and make them aware of the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle. Since CBT was introduced in GB there have been benefits to riders in terms of road safety. CBT can only be delivered by an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI).


How do I become an AMI?

To become an Approved Motorcycle Instructor, you will have to complete the following three stages:
  • AMI Theory Test (Part 1)
  • AMI Driving Ability & Fitness Test (Part 2)
  • AMI Instructional Ability Test (Part 3)

You must take and pass all 3 parts of the examination in this order and the whole examination must be completed within 2 years of passing the theory test. If you have not completed the examination within this time you must start again from the beginning and pass each part once again.

Individuals with relevant motorcycle qualifications may be exempt from certain stages but these cases will be considered on an individual basis, (ending on 29 May 2011) to apply for examption(s).

Individuals who are already listed on the voluntary motorcycle register will have "aquired rights" to the AMI Register and a maximum 6 month period (ending on the 29 May 2011) to apply for registration.

For further information contact DVA via email at


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